Turbulence at the Boundaries

Growing into understanding and acceptance of change.

misconstrued weakness

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All of this rings so true. Every word. It’s so easy to feel such deep loneliness when you acknowledge these painful old truths. You think you’re the only one who feels this way, that the rest of humanity is a jolly, normal bunch. This post took a tremendous amount of courage to write. Especially in this culture, where men are supposed to suck it up all the time. Thank You Teddylee.

teddylee's blog

Growing up i didn’t think i was tough, i didn’t know what tough even meant as kid.. if there was a chance i might have thought i was tough or strong it was shut down by always being told i was nothing but a little b**ch or a little girl or a p***y and that’s just to keep it mild, but anything you could say to make a little boy feel like a little girl was said…

i never thought i was tough or strong in all the fights i got into as a kid or an adult, maybe i won or maybe i didn’t, it didn’t matter, i just knew i could handle my own for the most part…

i looked for answers in all i was going through, i was told on a few occasions that ” i was incredibly strong for what i had been through ”…

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Author: Tina Sotis

One night, I sat bolt upright and had to keep myself from smacking my forehead. "What am I DOING?" I said out loud. "Why am I waiting for him to change so I can be happy?"

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